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Frequently Asked Questions---Hurricane 7000
  • Q1: The monitor screen shows “Unknown Devices” while I plug in the USB ADSL modem. Can it be the modem fault?

    It may be due to the incompatibility of the USB chipset, but it also could be modem problem, please check with your local modem vendor.

  • Q2: Why the ADSL modem never shows its name under Modem Properties. How can I check its status?

Because ADSL modem is not normal modem, you can double-click DSL Modem Icon under Control Panel or double-click the two-arrow icon at the bottom right hand side of your desktop windows to check the modem status.

  • Q3: I found the DSL modem icon shows under Control Panel after installation. So far, I’m unable to access to it by double-clicking as it never respond.

Please check your ADSL modem whether it is connected properly.

  • Q4: Modem Test Fail under “ Diagnosis software”. Can it be my modem spoilt?

It may be modem problem, but, if your ADSL line has not been activated or connected, also cause “Modem Test Fail”, please check your ADSL line with your ISP.

  • Q5: I tried to configure the Prolink ADSL dialer under Dial Up Networking but fail, why?

You can not configure ADSL modem which is not like normal modem.

  • Q6: My notebook hangs after I connect the modem for few minutes? Can it be the modem fault?

No, it could be power management problem. you can try to disable “Allow the computer turn off this device to save power” in Power management of Prolink DSL Wan Modem under Device Manager. (Control Panel>> System>>Device Manager>>Network Adapters>>Prolink DSL Wan Modem>>Power Management)



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