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Frequently Asked Questions---Hurricane 8800/8800P
  • 1. I can not get any connection. Power LED and LAN LED light up, but the ADSL Link LED has no light . What should I check?
    • 1) Ensure that the ADSL line is activated.
    • 2) Check that the Telephone cable (RJ-11) is connected to LINE jack on your router.
    • 3) Unplug the RJ45 Cable (Network Cable), LAN LED will turn off, if not, please press reset button on your router.
    • 4) checkyour telephone/Fax connected to ADSL line whether it connected to a Micro Filter.

    If the problem still persists, please check with your ADSL Service Provider to confirm the line condition.

  • 2. I get 'Request timed out' response when I ping to the router ( What should I check?
    • 1) Check that you have entered the correct IP Address for your Ethernet Card . (MS-DOS mode, type ipconfig to check your computer’s IP, it should be in the same subnet as the router.)
    • 2) Check the LAN LED whether it lights up. If not, check the cable connection.
    • 3) Press reset button to restart the Router again.
    • 4) Restart your system for the IP Address to take effect and try to ping again.
    • 5) Check the RJ-45 cable whether it is straight cable to the computer.


  • 3. I can ping to the IP of the touter, but I am not able to get the web configuration screen for the Router. What can I do?
    • 1) You may have to disable the proxy settings on your Internet browser.
    • 2) Make sure that your browser is set to connect directly .

    For Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, and then the Connection tab. Make sure that Internet Explorer is set to Never dial a connection.

    For Netscape Navigator, click Edit, Preferences, Advanced, and Proxy. Make sure that Netscape Navigator is set to Direct connection to the Internet.

  • 4. I get replies to ping, but I get “Request time out” to ping www.yahoo.com (can’t surf the internet). What can I do?
    • 1) Please try to disable or uninstall the firewall software if you have installed it.
    • 2) Please try to add DNS to your computer manually. (Control Panel>Network>TCP/IP>DNS Configuration> Enable DNS, Host Name: pc, Add to DNS Server Search Order.)
  • 5. Does this Router support VPN ?

    Yes. For firmware version 8.2 or above, it will allow PPTP/IPSEC packets to pass through for VPN.

  • 6. Does this router support port forwarding?

    Yes. For firmware version 8.2 or above, you can configure the Reserved Mapping under Advanced NAT configuration.

  • 7. Does the Router support IPX or AppleTalk?

    No. TCP/IP is the only protocol standard for the Internet and has become the global standard for communications.



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