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Frequently Asked Questions---Hurricane 8000
  • 1. After I install the Hurricane 8000 Modem Driver, why the Prolink 8000 shortcut is not created on the Desktop Screen?
    If the Prolink 8000 Shortcut is not created, that means the Installation is not done properly. Try to RUN cleanup.exe from setup CD, then reinstall the driver.
  • 2. After I do a cleanup.exe and restart the computer ,I still cannot reinstall the Modem Driver again?
    Try to RUN msconfig to disable config.sys, autoexec.bat and startup except System Tray, then reinstall the driver.
  • 3. What happen if I cannot do a Normal Uninstall Program for Hurricane 8000?
    Try to RUN Cleanup.exe from setup CD and reinstall the driver.
  • 4. Can I use the ADSL Modem to do Faxing?
    No, ADSL Modem cannot support Faxing. But you can use 56k modem to do it.
  • 5. Can I use my 56K (Dial Up) modem / Fax machine with my ADSL Line?
    Yes , you can use ADSL line with 56K DialUp Modem /Fax through a Micro Filter.
  • 6. What does a Micro Filter do and when do I need one?
    Micro Filter is to filter the Noise level of your ADSL Line. You can purchase it from SingTel Hello shops or any other Retailer Shops.
  • 7. For Windows 98SE,I've found 2 crossed "Microsoft PPP over ATM Adapters" in Windows Device manager, Why ?

    This is due to Microsoft issue, DO NOT remove these crossed entries. If you do, your dial-up connection will fail. You need to Uninstall/Install the driver again.

  • 8. Can I use external USB HUB for Hurricane 8000 ADS Modem?
    It's not advisable to use it. It's due to not enough power to support Hurricane 8000 for some external Hubs.
  • 9. Why do I need a Microsoft Windows O/S cab files to update when I install the Modem Driver to the O/S?
    While installing the Modem Driver, If the Windows Networking files are not in the O/S, they will prompt for the Windows Files to Install.
  • 10. Why does my Link Light keep on blinking on my Hurricane 8000 Modem?
    Check with your ISP Provider whether your ADSL line is activated. Usually Link light blinking is caused by ADSL line not ready or not connected properly.
  • 11. Why does my Modem always get disconnected? What shall I do?
    Check your telephones which connected to the ADSL Line whether they go through Micro filter
    or call your ISP to check the ADSL line condition.
  • 12. If my Laptop only has 1 USB Port and I need to connect more USB Devices like Digital Camera with my ADSL modem ,are there any solutions?
    If you have only 1 USB Port, you only can use one at one time. If you like to use an External USB
    HUB, you can check whether the HUB has enough power to support it.
  • 13. Is there any compatibility issue of various type of System Board Chipset with Hurricane 8000 modem?
    So far, we found the following chipsets:
    • 1) AMD 756 Chipset under Windows XP
    • 2) Certain Motherboards with VIA 3038 chipset
    • 3) Certain Motherboards with SIS 7001 chipset

One solution is to add PCI USB card to the computer, then connect the hurricane 8000 to this card.

  • 14. Why the Hurricane 8000 CD can't read on my CDROM Drive?
    Some CDROM Drives are particular about the track of the CD. You can try to use other CD drive to read.
  • 15. What is the Basic Requirement for using Hurricane 8000 Modem?
    Pentium II Processor , 64MB Ram , 20MB Storage Space , WIn98se , Recommended Intel Chipset System Board.
  • 16. Can I used a Telephone Splitter to split my ADSL connection OR using the extension telephone cable to extend my ADSL Line?
    Not recommended as the contact will be lost.
  • 17. Can I use Hurricane 8000 Modem on Linux Operating System?
    No, currently Hurricane 8000 Modem does not support Linux.
  • 18. After installing the Modem Driver, do I need to install SingNet starter kit?
    Not necessary as Our Modem Driver will create the Shortcut Dialer for the User to login.
  • 19. Do I need to configure Proxy setting for surfing the Internet?
    Pls. check your ISP.
  • 20. Can I use Hurricane 8000 Modem for my Network Server to do internet sharing?
    Yes, you can use Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing or other internet sharing software to do it
  • 21. Can I use 2 Hurricane 8000 Modem on 2 PC's with 1 ADSL Line?
    No, this is not supported. You can only connect the ADSL line to one modem at one time.
  • 22. Is the modem supports Win95 or WinNT?

    No, the USB-bus is only fully supported on Windows 98 or Higher.
  • 23. My Modem doesn't work anymore after upgrading the PC's Operating System?
    The installation of the drivers is carried out for a specific Operating System. You will need to reinstall the Modem drivers after changing the OS.
  • 24. I am using Toshiba 3480/2590 Notebook, I can't install the driver properly, why?
    This is due to Hot-plug will not trigger USB device, have to restart the notebook to use plug & play installation.
  • 25. I can log in to the internet using my UserId and password, but can’t surf the internet.
    • A. I you installed firewall software on your computer, pls. try to uninstall it.
    • B. Try to ping, get reply, ping www.yahoo.com, can’t get reply. Please try to add DNS to Your computer. (Control Panel>Network>TCP/IP(Dial up Adapter)>DNS> Enable DNS, Host:pc, DNS search Order: and click Add)
    • C. If can’t ping, pls. try to remove and add TCP/IP Adapter again.
  • 26. I can’t shutdown properly after installing the ADSL modem driver.
    • A. Try to disable Power Management ( all Enable >>Disable). B. Try to download patch file from Microsoft web site.
    • B. Try to download the V6.1 driver, then uninstall old driver and install the v6.1 on your computer. www.fida.com/drivers/h8kv61b.zip
  • 27. After a few months, my modem has no light (no power) under Windows XP, why?
    go to : Control Panel>>System>>Hardware>>Device Manager, to check whether the Hurricane 8000 device is disable, pls. try to enable it.
  • 28. After installing the driver to log on internet, I encouteded the " System shutdown whithin one minute " problem, Why?

this is due to the system infected by Blaster Virus, pls. try to download the follwoing to remove this virus:


  • 29. I'm using Windows 2k with SP4, can't log on to the internet for the first time, error code "692", why?

    This is due to the SP4 issue, pls. try to download new driver www.fida.com/drivers/h8kv61b.zip, then uninstall the old driver and reinstall the new driver.



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