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Frequently Asked Questions---Hurricane 9000/9000P/9000B/H9000C
  • 1.There is no light for Power LED. (No Power)
    • 1) Please check Power Switch whether it switches on.
    • 2) Please check the Power plug.
  • 2. Power LED and LAN LED light up, but the ADSL Link LED keeps blinking . (No ADSL Signal)
    • 1) Ensure that the ADSL line is activated.
    • 2) Check that the Telephone cable (RJ-11) is connected to LINE Jack on your modem.
    • 3) Try to turn off the modem, wait for at lease ten seconds, then turn on again.
    • 4) Try to take out all telephones connected to the ADSL line for testing.

    If the problem still persists, please check with your ADSL Service Provider to confirm the line condition.

  • 3. Power LED and Link LED light up, but the LAN LED keeps off . (No LAN Signal)
    • 1) Check the RJ45 Network Cable connection.
    • 2) Check your LAN Card whether it’s functioning.
  • 4. Power LED and LAN LED light up, but the ADSL Link LED keeps off.
    • If you clicked firmware update>>download image file previously, please remember to click Cancel button under Firmware Update.
    • Please contact modem vendor for servicing.
  • 5. Does Hurricane 9000 series support VPN ?

    Yes. It can support VPN pass-through. But some VPN servers don't allow IP: 10.0.0.X to log on, So please try to change the default IP from to

    For H9000B (Jetpack), goto to change the IP address
    then click submit > save configuration > Save and Reboot



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