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Frequently Asked Questions --- Hurricane 9000G

1. The LAN led is not ON even though I have plugged in the LAN cable to my network card

a) Please check with network card vendor whether the Lan card is funtioning.

b) Go to Ctrl Panel > System > Hardware (Win2K/XP) > Under Network Adapters > If there’s a “X” beside your network card driver > Right Click select “Enable” (Win2K/XP) or Right Click select “Properties” and uncheck “Disable..” (Win98/Me) > OK > Apply > OK

c) Try another RJ-45 cable if possible.

2. The ADSL led is not ON

a) In the configuration page , if you clicked Configuration > System > update > image Download, please remember to click Cancel button.

b) Please bring the unit to our service centre for checking.

3. The WLAN led is not ON

Wireless Problem. Please bring the unit to our service centre for checking.

4. Why does the Sys led keeps flashing?

Sys flashing indicates the router system is working properly.

5. Can Hurricane 9000G be used with cable modem or as a wireless AP for cable modem?

No , it only supports ADSL line service.

6. I get 'Request timed out' response when I ping to the router (

a) Check the LAN LED (if using Lan connection) whether it lights up (Go to FAQ 1).

b) Try LAN connection to access if you can’t access the config page using wireless connection.

c) Check the IP address captured. Go to Start > Run > type cmd (Win2K/XP) or command (Win98/Me) > in the dos prompt type ipconfig to check your computer’s IP, it should be in the same subnet as the router.

d) Restart your system for the IP Address to take effect.

7. I was able to ping the IP of the router, but I was not able to access the web configuration page

a) Make sure that your browser is set to connect directly.

For Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, and then the Connections tab. Make sure that Internet Explorer is set to Never dial a connection.

For Netscape Navigator, click Edit, Preferences, Advanced, and Proxy. Make sure that Netscape Navigator is set to Direct connection to the Internet.

b) The proxy server of the internet browser has to be disabled. Click Tools, Internet Options, and then the Connections tab > LAN Settings.. > Uncheck Proxy Server > OK

c) Please disable or uninstall any firewall programs (eg. Mcafee Viruscan/Firewall , Norton Security , ZoneAlarm).

d) Please check your system for any viruses or spywares that may be hindering your TCP connection.

8. How do I know I am connected to the internet ?

Go to config page > Status > a WAN ip (e.g. should be assigned to you by your ISP.

9. The web page requested cannot be displayed on my browser. I can’t surf the internet

Refer to FAQ 6.

10. My centrino laptop is 802.11b standard but the connected speed to the Hurricane 9000G is only 5.5Mbps rather than 11Mbps

Go to Configuration > Wireless > Advanced setting > Preamble : Long/Short Preamble > Change to Always Long Preamble > Submit > Save Config > Submit > Restart your centrino laptop

11. My PROLiNK WG2000 wireless USB adapter is connected to a USB 1.1 port and is able to detect the Hurricane 9000G but it can’t seems to capture the correct IP address and therefore can’t do any surfing

Go to Configuration > Wireless > Advanced setting > Preamble : Long/Short Preamble > Change to Always Long Preamble > Submit > Save Config > Submit > Restart your system

12. I connected WG2000 to USB1.1, why the speed only shows 11Mbps?

It's due to the usb1.1 limitation, usb1.1 max speed is 12Mbps. if you want to get 54Mbps, need to upgrade your usb1.1 to USB2.0

13. How to do a factory reset?

If for any reason, you have to reset this device to factory default settings, be careful that the current settings will be lost and the settings are reset back to it’s default state.

Press the reset button with a pointed object and hold for 5 secs. This will reset the router to it’s factory default.

14. How many PCs can I connect to the Hurricane 9000G together?

You can connect up to 4 PCs directly using wired connection and recommended up to 32 PCs using wireless connection.

15. How can I do if I forget the password for accessing the configuration page?

You will need to do a factory reset. Refer to FAQ 11.

16. Does WEP impact the ability to hold a wireless connection?

It shouldn't. It may, however, slow down the connection, sometimes as much as 40 to 50%. This effect has been virtually eliminated in most present-generation 802.11b product designs, however.

17. Why does the wireless signal keep disconnecting?

a) Performance of any wireless device can be affected by interference from other devices like cordless phones, microwave oven, and neighbouring networks. Please change your wireless channel to 1~13 (except 1, 6 and 11) to see if the signal improves.

b) Try relocating H9000G to a different location on higher ground

c) Use the configuration utility program that came with your wireless adapter, instead of Window's own built-in service: Windows Zero Configuration (WFZ)

d) If you use a Centrino notebook with the built-in Intel wireless adapter, you can download the Intel® PROSet utility software from:
to manage and configure your wireless adapter

18. If I disable SSID (or ESSID) Broadcast on my Access Point or wireless router, is it true that only users who I've given my SSID to will be able to connect?

No. Disabling an AP's SSID Broadcast function just prevents it from transmitting the SSID. The AP will still respond to any client that wants to associate with it and that sends a matching SSID.
For example, WinXP's built-in "Zero Config" wireless utility automatically stores every SSID that it receives. If your AP is using the same SSID as one that the client previously stored, the client will be able to connect to your AP, even if you have SSID Broadcast disabled.
Since the SSID is always sent "in the clear", i.e. unencrypted, it's also possible for anyone using freely available "sniffing" tools to monitor traffic near an AP and grab the SSID from clients that already know it.
In spite of all this, it's still good security practice to change the default SSID for your wireless LAN and use the same techniques used for choosing a strong password to keep your WLAN secure from casual snoopers.

19. How do I prevent unknown users from using my wireless LAN?

In spite of all the negative things you may have heard, the fastest, easiest, and most effective first step to take is to enable WEP encryption.



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