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The Hurricane 9000W is a 802.11b Wireless ADSL Router with 4-port 10/100 switch . It provides Full rate (ANSI and G.DMT) as well as G.lite ADSL standards line support, and can be connected to PC through Ethernet or via IEEE802.11b WLAN technology. It comes with full feature routing, forwarding , DMZ , MAC address Filtering and WEP function, easy to setup via web-based management. It’s targeted at the SOHO for multi-user sharing of ADSL broadband via wireless and wired connectivity, bring ADSL and Wireless into corporate or home LAN and WAN.


ADSL Compliance

  • Compliant with ADSL standards: ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU G.dmt (G.992.1) and G.lite (G.992.2).
  • ADSL over POTS (Annex A) and ADSL over ISDN (Annex B)
  • DMT modulation and demodulation
  • Full-rate adaptive modem
  • Maximum downstream rate of 8 Mbps
  • Maximum upstream rate of 1 Mbps
  • Tone detection for low power mode
  • Supports splitterless ADSL implementation
  • Supports Dying Gasp
  • ATM Protocols
  • WAN mode support: PPP over ATM and over Ethernet. (RFC 2364/2516)
  • LAN mode support: bridged/routed Ethernet over ATM (RFC 1483) and Classical IP over ATM (RFC 1577)
  • ATM Forum UNI 3.1/4.0 PVC
  • Up to 8 VCs (Virtual Circuits)
  • ATM SAR (Segmentation and Reassembly)
  • ATM AAL5 (Adaption Layer type 5)
  • OAM F4/F5

Bridge Mode

  • Ethernet to ADSL self-learning Transparent Bridging (IEEE 802.1D)
  • Supports up to 128 MAC learning addresses·

Router Mode

  • IP routing/ RIPv2/ Static routing
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server and Client
  • NAPT (Network Address and Port Translation)
  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
  • Simultaneous USB and Ethernet operation·


  • User authentication for PPP
  • PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)
  • CHAP (Challenge Authentication Protocol)
  • Password protected system management

Ethernet interface

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard
  • 10/100 Mbps auto selection
  • 4 x LAN ports (MDI/MDIX Auto-Sensing)

USB host interface

  • Compliant with USB Specification, Revision 1.1
  • USB full speed (12 Mbps)
  • Vendor specific descriptors

HTTP Web-based management

  • Firmware upgrade
  • WAN and LAN side connection statistics
  • Configuration of static routes and Routing table
  • Configuration of NAT/NAPT/DMZ
  • VPN pass-through
  • Port Forwarding
  • PPP Auto Reconnect for Idle Timeout/PPP on Demand
  • Password protected access
  • PPP user ID and password
  • IGMP Multicast support
  • Fully compatible with IEEE 802.11b standard and supports a high data rate up to 11Mbps.
  • Interoperable with IEEE 802.11b (DSSS) 2.4GHz-Compliant equipment
  • Capable of up to 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Support up to 14 Operation Channels
  • Support up to 32 wireless users.


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